The Power of Prayer

Prayer; something we tend to do when we are in need of something from God or when our routines tell us it’s time to pray. Unfortunately, I feel this is what a lot of people out there believe prayer is. When you’re having a tough day and feel like nothing is going right, so you send up a cry for help. Or when you go through something traumatic and feel like prayers are what will save you. Or before you sit down to eat, you thank the Lord for the food he has provided. None of this is wrong by any means! Heck, trauma is where my praying stemmed from. I was never really someone that spoke to God just because. It was only something I did out of routine, mostly before a meal, and I only said the words of a prayer I learned in elementary school (which I’m still not sure I understand everything that’s said in that prayer even today). But then I went through a pretty traumatic event (see my post called Good Grief to learn more!) before I kind of became this praying beast. I talk to God a few times a day just because I want to. Not because I feel I have to, but because I feel that prayer is so incredibly needed through good times and bad. (I will say sometimes when it hits me to send a prayer up to the Almighty, it can be pretty inconvenient times to really focus. Like in the middle of having lunch with the hubs… Oh, excuse me God, I need to pause in my prayer because my husband can’t find the pitcher of water that’s directly in front of him…..**eyeroll** then pray for patience with my lovely man.)

There is no right or wrong way to pray, but I do feel it is important to know that praying shouldn’t only be used when in need of something. I want people to know that God is someone you can talk to at anytime of the day and through all stages of life. Allow your prayers to ask God to guide you through the tough times and thank him during the good. One song that often sticks out to me (because if you read my Good Grief post, you know music is a big thing for me!) is the song “Unanswered Prayers” by Garth Brooks. He talks about how he had prayed this girl in high school would become his wife one day, and

then when running into her years later with his actual wife, he realizes that God had given him what he needed and not what he thought he needed. Sometimes God doesn’t necessarily answer prayers the way we want them, but the way we need them. And maybe it’ll take some time before you realize the work he did for your needs, but when you do, it’ll be so comforting. Don’t give up on praying just because you don’t feel you are getting the answers you were wanting. Have patience in what God can provide for you and be open minded when it comes to the answer to your prayers.

Sometimes it takes a cry for help to get yah prayer on, or at least learn how to, and that’s okay, but allow God to be someone you turn to just to talk; just say, “hey, today has been great and I thank You for that!” If you take anything away from what I just said I hope it is that you will find the power of prayer and use it all throughout your life. Allow God to guide you when you need it, thank Him when things are good and be open minded when receiving answers to your prayers. Alright y’all, until next time, get out there and crush it while making the world a better place!