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Episode 94 – God’s Healing Hands with Tony Mitchell

[00:24] – Welcome to the No Negations Podcast

[03:43] – The secret of knowing when someone has been praying for you.

[04:43] – The journey through double Pneumonia, Covid-19 and being in a Coma.

[07:10] – Did you ever questioned God “why me?”

[09:10] – When you experience hardship, do you feel like you did something wrong?

[11:15] – Praying before you move

[13:00] – Because of your ordeal do you now move in life with a different thought process?

[14:00] – God’s protective hands

[17:25] – When God doesn’t give you what you asked for.

[22:05] – Vehicle dashboard warning light analogy

[27:05] – Perspective on being pushed to eat on my own.

[33:28] – Did your near-death experience changed your kid’s perspective on life?

[35:33] – Dealing with an unexpected death

[40:51] – Take A Ways


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