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That's a Wrap 2020

Who is ready to say sayonara to 2020, cause I know I sure am! I know it's so easy to bash and hate on 2020, cause let's face it, it pretty much stunk! However, I hear people calling it a waste of a year. Maybe for some it was, but maybe this was a year you needed. I know it has helped me to learn to not take things for granted, to learn to adapt, to take advantage of down time and not always be on the run for the next thing. My husband and I (mostly him) typically have our next trip planned before the end of the one we are on. This year, that was weird. To not be able to necessarily plan for what's next. It still feels weird, because I know everyone is on the edge of their seats, ready for it to be 2021. I, however, still have hope that 2020 will be a great year.

Maybe not today, and probably not even next year, will we realize how much this year has caused us to grow. I work in a hotel, so for me, I think this year really excelled my career, even though I am coming out of 2020 with no pay raise, no promotion and hardly any of our employees back to work. However, I was privileged enough to clean rooms, scrubs public bathrooms, fold massive amounts of laundry, comfort our guests in the midst of a pandemic and better know my co-workers. You read that correctly, by the way. I did say I was privileged to scrub a dang toilet! I was someone in the hospitality industry that was lucky enough to keep my job, I got to see what our hourly employees have to go through each and every time they walk through our front doors and I grew a whole new appreciation for our people whom we have not yet been able to call back to work. I know it may be a long time coming before movement of my position happens at work, but I am so grateful for such an eye-opening experience this past year. Trust me, there were many days I wish I was stuck at home with my family like a lot of people were this year, but I am thankful for the experience of growth I was able to receive.

Another thing I am grateful for this year (and most importantly) is my marriage. My handsome hubby and I got married right before everything went into lockdown, and I can only imagine what brides are having to deal with trying to plan a wedding in the midst of all this craziness. Many, like Ayla and Darrell, have not let this stop them however. They have learned to roll with the punches and their special days have and will turn out to be the fairytale they have always dreamed of. Chad and I have had to learn to adapt to different things this year and I think it has helped our marriage grow. We have been able to have time together (when we weren't working crazy hours) and I will never take that time for granted. I think there will come a day when I will wish it was 2020 again, so time could just slow down and we can do nothing but sit on the couch and watch TV together.

So as we wrap up this year and give it a nice boot right out the door, I challenge you to find the positivity in 2020. While this year was hard and hurtful and crazy and exhausting and long and just nothing like you had hoped for it to be, find the light and happiness and joy that was 2020. Where did you grow? What did you learn? How will you now approach 2021 and the years that follow. Don't let this be the year that consumed you. I hope that you tell future generations that 2020 was the year you discovered yourself and had growth that was far beyond what you could have ever imagined. It's easy to be so negative about all the craziness we experienced, but I think it takes courage to turn that frown upside down and approach 2021 as brand-new people. Find the light! Alright y'all, until next time, get out there and crush it while making the world a better place!

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