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Love Yourself

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Maybe you should go and love yourself

When singles begin dating or after they go through a hard break up, they often hear things such as “you must love yourself before you can let someone else love you.” I find these words to be true, but I often find they are misunderstood, too. You can find a confident woman, that may even be too full of herself and say “look, she LOVES herself yet she’s has a problem keeping a relationship.” Part of loving yourself also means you accept yourself and are willing to work on the difficult parts. So, this confident woman does love herself and has hardly any insecurities, she lacks greatly in open communication and tends to shut down when her partner wants to discuss a disagreement they had. Part of being in love with yourself is recognizing your flaws and be willing to work at them every single day, and for someone other than yourself, too. This is incredibly difficult to do, and I am not saying you will never find love if you struggle with this. What I am saying however, is if you can’t figure out to work on your flaws, any relationship you are in will have difficulties that will feel impossible to overcome. That also isn’t to say that if you work on your flaws, your relationship won’t have difficulties and will always be perfect. Look at it this way, if your partner constantly left dirty dishes in the sink and you asked them over and over again to stop doing that and put the dishes in the dishwasher, and they didn’t, this would cause an argument. However, if you asked them and you saw a considerable effort in them remembering to put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher, could you still create the same argument? Does them working to do things to make you happy do just that? On the reverse side, does you constantly nagging them about putting away dirty dishes only frustrate them since they don’t see it as a big deal? Maybe here is a good time for open conversation about why it matters to you that dirty dishes be put in the dishwasher and why it doesn’t seem like a big deal to your counter part. Opening up about small things like this can certainly show you the way of how to open up when it comes to tougher conversations. Don’t think this only relates to a romantic relationship. This can relate to any relationship you have with anyone, whether it be your parents, colleges, friends, etc. Knowing, accepting and being willing to work on your flaws in relationships and allowing your good qualities to excel help in all relationships you have. I believe a relationship can’t be successful without you putting your stubbornness and own feelings aside to see the other persons perspective. So, while posting confident selfies on Instagram or Facebook may show you love yourself on the inside, be sure to take a deeper look. Ask yourself, would I be happy being in a relationship with myself? Am I being the best version of myself? Am I living out my life in the way God meant for me to? Where can I make improvements that benefit me and others around me? Loving yourself is far beyond confidence and it’s okay to recognize and accept your flaws so long as you commit to working on them for yourself and those around you. Alright y’all, until next time, get out there and crush it while making the world a better place!

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