Quarter Life Crisis

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Help me out here! Surely, I am not the only one to have ever had some things go down in your life and all of a sudden you are questioning every decision you have ever made. I came across what I would like to call my “quarter life crisis” just this year. When you’re in high school, you feel like you have life totally figured out and anyone older than you, no matter how much of a role model they may be, cannot tell you anything you don’t already know. And then one day, you’re at work and crap hits the fan, and you’re calling your MOM crying, telling her you just waisted your entire degree and four years of college because after a day like today, you surely didn’t choose the right career path and you have no idea what you want to do and life sucks and all you want to do is go back to high school and have your mommy lullaby you back to sleep. HA! Tell this to a high schooler and I’m pretty sure they’ll laugh in your face. I have called my mom multiple times within the past couple months crying and telling her I messed up and chose the wrong life for myself. I haven’t necessarily had anything go wrong in my personal life, but when you just came out of college $80k in debt and now all of a sudden you’re not sure that’s the career path you want to follow, it can break yah down pretty good. Life is tough at times y’all and sometimes you are going to question yourself and sometimes you are going to want to give up and just say “mom, clean the basement, I’m coming home!” But haven’t you ever heard that nothing worth it in life comes easily?

You guys, I work in a hotel and people are mean. When you work at the front desk, any time something goes wrong, they come to you to complain. Some people make it out to be your fault, as if you intentionally did something to upset them, when in fact you tired to do the exact opposite. Let me tell y’all, when the government decides they want to do helicopter military training at 10pm at night, you can’t really call them and say “yo, we got guests trying to sleep here, can you keep it down?” but that’s what’s expected of you! Crazy, right??? These things happen alllllll the time, and eventually, after enough of these situations happen, you call mommy crying….. at age 24! But what about when you were in high school and adults were stupid and had no idea what they were talking about??? Welp, now you’ve hit a solid, hard and painful quarter life crisis and all of a sudden, adults are god-like creatures that have all the answers to all your questions. Not actually, you have most of the answers you need, but you catch my drift.

Here’s how I got over my so-called “quarter life crisis”:

-I cried. A lot. Let your emotions out, however you may need to. I am NOT a crier, you can ask my fiancé, my family, my friends. I just don’t cry very often. I don’t like to do it and I tend to hold back a lot of tears. WHICH IS TERRIBLE YOU GUYS!!!! Don’t do that. Go let a good cry out if you need to. You’ll feel better and it’ll help clear your mind for thinking through your, what you feel to be, mess of a life.

-Lean on your family, friends and mentors. As I have already told you, I call my mom in these types of situations and my fiancé is super awesome at being a listener when I need to vent. I also turn to my bosses at work. They surpassed my role to get to move up in their careers and they didn’t get there skipping through fields of flowers with their trusty ole unicorn prancing next to them, and you won’t either. So ask for help. I literally just asked my boss the other day to talk me back into my job!!! Laugh. Out. Loud. He kindly did so and I greatly appreciate him letting me talk out my frustrations, and guess what? I didn’t quit my job or turn in my two weeks’ notice; I put my big girl pants on and got back to work so I can one day be in his shoes. -Pray! Sometimes all you need is a little bit of Jesus to get you through tough times. I shouldn’t really word it that way, because lets face it, we always need Jesus; good times or bad, but the power of prayer can get you through wayyyy more than you can ever imagine. So get down with the big man upstairs and ask that he guides you in the right direction, because he will!

-Lastly, trust your gut! Understand that you know yourself better than anyone, even when you feel like your head is going to explode if one more thing goes wrong or if another task gets put on your plate. I know I am good at my job and I know I am in the right career. I am great with people, even the mean ones!!!, and this part of the journey is only preparing for the next. So sometimes you have to suck it up and get your hands dirty but think how rewarding it will be when you look back on these tough times and know you did it!

It’s okay to not be okay sometimes and it’s okay to wonder if what you’re doing is the best fit for you and the lifestyle you want. It is also okay to change courses, but keep in mind that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and that you sometimes just need to water yours a little bit more. Allow yourself to feel things and think things through. You’ll figure it out, and when you do, you’ll give yourself a nice pat on the back for hanging in there and not quitting because times got tough. Go out there and do the darn thing and keep fighting and keep keeping on. I am cheering for you, so if you need a pep talk, just holler. Can’t wait to see you out there killing it y’all!