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Episode 93 – Should We Question God? With Rev Jeff Thompson

[00:24] – Welcome to the No Negations Podcast

[03:30] – Should black people question God?

[05:00] – If God is real why are there so many problems in the black community?

[07:28] – Does the sin of one affect the entire black community?

[09:35] – How do we answer someone’s questions about blacks 400 years of slavery?

[10:45] – The trials of black people, being fruitless or God prunes to strengthen? (John 15:2)

[11:04] – Did the Civil Rights movement strengthen the black community in society today?

[13:57] – God’s timing.

[18:40] – God raised up the Babylonians to capture the Israelite's (Habakkuk 1:5-11)

[19:13] – What was the premise behind slavery? Joseph’s brothers sell him (Genesis 37:17-28)

[22:20] – The Israelite complained in the wilderness after leaving captivity (Exodus 16:1-9)

[23:13] – The result of the absence of heat, light, and God. Are we disobedient?

[24:20] – What did Job do to deserve the suffering he experienced? The lesson (Job 42:1-6)

[25:40] – God uses trials to show us his glory or his discipline (John 9:1-3; Romans 9:21)

[32:50] – When we go through trials, grace is waiting on the other side (Romans 8:28)

[39:45] – Former NBA player JR Smith wealth perspective

[43:25] – Take A Ways


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