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Episode 104 – Witnessing God’s Power

[00:24] – Welcome to the No Negations Podcast

[03:55] – Has anything happen to you that made you certain God exist? (Romans 8:28)

[22:00] – What do you do to give back to God?

[24:45] – Why do you do what you do?

[25:29] – What would people be most surprised about you?

[30:38] – Do you recognize God’s power to be able to share Christ with others?

[34:37] – What does the success of others have to do with their salvation?

[39:27] – How do you deal with materialism in your life?

[41:12] – The borrower is slave to the lender (Proverbs 22:7)

[41:38] – The wicked borrow and don’t pay back (Psalm 37:21)

[44:30] – How do you handle it when God does not deliver what you ask for?

[48:56] – Take A Ways


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