Dear Younger Me

When typing out the title of this, I kept singing the song by MercyMe. If only we could go back in life to change things that we know now. If only we could know what we know now, how much less pain we would know and how many less mistakes we would make. If only, right? Since I can’t go back and teach my younger self about what I know now in life, I do try and teach my younger sisters. Don’t make the same mistakes I did; don’t get upset over the same dumb things I did; don’t allow yourself to miss out on the same things I did. I feel as though this topic is something many think about. I mean Mercy Me isn’t the only group to write a song about it.

My biggest piece of advice to the youngsters, specifically those in middle school or high school, is to stop worrying about what others think of you. I was lucky enough to have a great group of friends that accepted me for who I am, but that didn’t mean I still made sure I dressed my best, in the “cool” clothes trying to impress whatever boy I found cute that day. It is so crazy to me to think about how much I cared about fitting in with the “cool” crowd, and now I see my sisters trying to do the same. I’m not shaming anyone here as to how you decide to dress or who you decide to hang out with. All I am saying is find your tribe that allows you to be the best and happiest version of yourself, and forget what anyone

else thinks. I am still super close friends with my tribe from high school, and the one’s that I tried to impress, I haven’t seen in years. So what was the point??? Discover yourself and what you love, and run with it.

I don’t have many regrets from my teen years, at least none that keep me up at night. As I said, I had a great group of friends, and still do, and we had a lot of fun growing up in small town Ohio. When I went to college, I was living in Columbus, and I do wish there would have been some things I would’ve said “yes” to more often, or tried to explore more. I did have to focus on school and studying, and it’s not like I sat in the library all day every day, but Columbus has a lot to offer and I just wish I would’ve said “yes” more often. You have one life to live, so LIVE IT!!! Do not hold back on things because of fear. While after the fact you may regret it or decide “hey, that’s not for me,” it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a

try. (all safe and legal things here please!!) I love being able to look back with friends and say “hey, remember that time we did…” You can’t go back and recreate memories, you can only create them in the moment. So say yes. Say yes to anything and everything. Make memories. Take pictures. Enjoy the freedom of living it up before you have to get up and go to work every day. Don’t allow yourself to look back and have regrets about what could have been. This is all part of learning who you are and finding your path to what satisfies your soul.

My last one big piece of advice it to let it go! Let go of what that mean person said or did to you; let go of feeling sorry for yourself because you didn’t get the date you wanted; just let it go. In holding on to those things that bum you out, you are allowing others to dictate your happiness. Your boyfriend chose a night with the guys over a night with you? Who cares? Call up your friends and have a night of your own. You’ll most likely remember the fun night of playing board games or prank calling your friend’s crush over a boring night of watching another boring movie with your boyfriend anyway! Stop allowing things to get your panties in a bunch! Chances of that person allowing it to ruin their day is slim to none, so why are you allowing it to ruin yours? Let those petty things that, a week from now won’t even

matter. Choose happiness, choose joy and choose to let it go. You need to do you sis!

Like I said, I don’t have many regrets in life, but I can’t go back a make more memories with my friends. We’re grown up now. Some of us live in other states and have jobs that we have to tend to. We can’t call each other up on a Friday night and go on an adventure like old times. So, do it while you still can. And in the process, don’t worry if what you find enjoyable is “cool” to others. Get yourself a group of awesome friends that love you for your true self, enjoy life and live every day to the fullest without hesitations or regret. Alright y’all, until next time, get out there and crush it while making the world a better place!

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