No Negations?

By: Darrell Dee Sullins Jr


I was constantly doubted growing up. I was told I wasn't capable of learning, that I wouldn't make it through high school, college, or compete at a certain level in sports. Luckily for me, I had family and friends who encouraged me to push towards my goals, and to not let anyone derail me from success. Without those positive people, it is safe to say I wouldn't have accomplished everything I have right now. I am a college and high school graduate, a high school state and national qualifier in track, a national champion in college football, and working a job within my field of study. According to people from my past, I shouldn't have accomplished these things. At No Negations, we want to be a positive reinforcement in your life! Every time you see our logo, it should  remind you that anything is possible if you don't allow negativity, denial, or contradictions to control your journey to success. Now I am aiming to motivate and inspire others to find their own success through motivational speaking alongside of motivational clothing and apparel. 

Success is inevitable if you remain consistent 

Darrell Dee Sullins Jr

Our Mission:


No Negations primary mission is to eliminate all excuses, negativity and contradictions from the mind during times of disadvantage or hindrance.

Our Vision:


No Negations believes the cure for the negativity, self doubt and contradictions people make in their daily lives is COMMUNITY. Through community we will break the mold and create a positive environment for everyone!

Meet The Team

Darrell Sullins Sr

Co owner

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Darrell Sullins Sr



Born in Cleveland, Ohio

Former United States Marine

Member of the United States Pan-American, and World Karate team. Gold Medalist in the Pan-American Games. 2015 USA Karate Federation Hall of Fame inductee. Graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University in Business. "There is no barrier to success in which perseverance can't hurdle."

Darrell Dee Sullins Jr


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Darrell Sullins Jr

Founder/ CEO


Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Former football player and graduate from The University of Mount Union. Majored in Exercise Science and works as a personal trainer. "In order to grow you must endure pain" No Negations is more than a saying, it's a mindset.

Ayla Stewart

Co Owner

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Ayla Stewart


Born in Saint Clairsville, Ohio.  Early childhood educator, choreographer, and proud supporter of the No Negations mindset and  community.


No Negations serves as a reminder to persevere during times of disadvantage and hindrance. We live in a time of great uncertainty, yet so many are inspired to overcome and do. Why? Because they embrace change. 


Our brand promotes that change in times of hardship, which produces perseverance, character, and hope. NEVER GIVE UP!


Out team inspire others to succeed using three core principles.

  1. Keep God first

  2. Encourage others 

  3. Provide avenues for individuals to utilize their talents

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