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No Negations

Strengthening you with Christ as the foundation 

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About No Negations 

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Our Mission:

No Negations primary mission is to empower people by connecting real life situations to the word of God.

Our vision is to create a platform that connects individuals to the word of God to help them overcome life's challenges!

Podcast Show Notes

The No Negations Podcast is faith based platform that connects real world situations and thoughts to scripture, to strengthen you. Follow along, or search different segments of the podcast by clicking the show notes below!


WOVU 95.9
WOVU 95.9
Noble Correctional Institution 
Providence Baptist 
The Outrighteous Podcast
located in Belden Village Mall


"No Negations gave a powerful presentation that was tailor-made to the needs of the audience. Your presence was greatly appreciated at our facility."

Dynlene B.

"The team of No Negations has big dreams and even bigger hearts to help people get beyond the difficulties of life and realize success. All too often, self-destructive thoughts keep people from what they really want to achieve. Their mission to move people beyond this common stumbling block has helped me to move beyond years of pain into confidence and a strong purpose."

Debra P. 

"I'm thankful that God inspired you to start No Negations. No Negations has inspired me to dig deeper into my own purpose. Thank you and thankful to God for it ALL"

Karen S.

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